Watch the News page for information on adoptable dogs. The rescue will not always have dogs available for adoption, as there is an evaluation and vetting period for every dog we receive.  To express a general interest in adoption for our future reference, please enter “general” for the dog name in the application.

Please consider the following prior to submitting an application:

  • We are a rescue and we rarely have puppies.
  • Some rescue dogs may have troubled backgrounds which may cause them to be timid or fearful of certain situations or people.  As part of our fostering process, we evaluate each dog to learn who they are and what behaviors they have so we know how to match them to a forever home.
  • Some rescue dogs may have medical issues.  We work with our partner veterinarians to try to identify and treat any conditions.  Although rare, some issues may not be identified during their evaluation.
  • Our rescue is based in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  We focus on this area and the surrounding states.  Unfortunately, we normally are not able to work with adoption candidates from states outside of this area.  If you are willing to travel, there may be an opportunity, but we would handle this on a case-by-case basis.
  • Dogs require patience, love, and consistency, especially when being placed into a new home.  In fact, some dogs may require 2-3 months to become acclimated to his or her new environment and people.
  • We will not normally consider a home where it is regular for no one to be home for long periods of time.  Dogs, not just rescue dogs, require companionship to be their healthiest, happiest selves.
  • It takes a substantial amount of time from our volunteers to process applications, perform background checks, and come up with matches. If you are a perfect match for one of our dogs, the adoption process could be completed within days. Because of this, we request that you only submit an application if you are 100% positive that you want to adopt a dog from us right now.

If you have read and understand the above and wish to be considered for adoption, please proceed by filling out our application below.

Application for Adoption

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Terms & Conditions

Almost Home Schnauzer Rescue will attempt to provide you with an honest evaluation of temperament and medical history known to us on any dog we have looking for a home.

Do you understand, that often times the complete history of a rescue dog may NOT be known, and you may encounter some behavioral and / or medical problems not previously known to us?

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